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Is Politics–Not School Improvement–Behind Brockton’s New Charter?

Who doesn’t love a charter school? From Newark to New Orleans, and Washington D.C. to Atlanta, charter schools are seen as the magic bullet not just for curing much of what ails public education, but for transforming poor communities themselves. … Continue reading

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More Students and Readers Defend Rafe Esquith

A few days ago I posted an interview with one of Rafe Esquith’s former students, a recent graduate of New York University, who explained the many ways that Esquith, who was once described as “the greatest teacher in America,” and … Continue reading

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Rafe Esquith’s “Shakespeareans” Respond to Misconduct Allegations

Last fall, during a visit to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to sit in for the day at Room 56 at Hobart Elementary, where Rafe Esquith, a man who has been described as “the best teacher” in America, has … Continue reading

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Adventures in Cuba with My Journalism Students

Last month, I led 11 Baruch College journalism students to Cuba as part of a class on covering emerging entrepreneurship in that island nation. The lessons learned for both me and my students were profound. The purpose of the trip … Continue reading

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Charter School Refugees–A New York Times OpEd

Late last month, the New York State Legislature struck a deal ensuring that charter schools in New York City would have access to space, either in already crowded public school buildings or in rented spaces largely paid for by the … Continue reading

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What A New IBO Study on Special-Needs Kids in NYC Says About Charter v. Public School Comparisons

A new study by the New York City Independent Budget Office offers fresh insight into thorny questions about charter school demographics and performance. The study compares student attrition rates at charter schools with nearby traditional public schools and finds that … Continue reading

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Quality in Complex Medical Systems – the Limitations of Lean & Six Sigma

Preface: I am delighted to host a guest blogger, my friend Wes Chapman and an expert on clinical data systems. Wes has a keen interest in process and systems improvement in healthcare. This article is the first of a four-part … Continue reading

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About Andrea’s Blog

Welcome to my periodic musings on the state of American education, business, journalism, the consumer experience, women and food—how it is grown, cooked and eaten. A systems thinker since I wrote my first book, The Man Who Discovered Quality by … Continue reading

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