Curriculum Vitae

Degree Institution Field Dates
M.S. Columbia University Journalism 1981
B.A., with honors Wesleyan University German and Government 1978
Institution Rank Field Dates
Baruch College Bloomberg Professor Journalism 2008-present
Baruch College Associate Professor Journalism 2005-2008
Baruch College Assistant Professor Journalism 1999-2005
Institution Rank Field Dates
Columbia University Adjunct Instructor Journalism, Bagehot Program 1994-2002
Place of Employment Title Dates
U.S. News & World Report Senior Editor (promoted from Associate Editor in 1988) in the business section. Also covered art, science, and foreign stories. 1985-1991
Business Week Associate Editor 1982-1985
Architectural Record Assistant Editor 1981-1982
Rank Dates
Associate Professor 2005-present
Assistant Professor 1999-2005
Adjunct Lecturer 1997-1999


  1. Books:
    • Gabor, Andrea, The Capitalist Philosophers: The Geniuses Who Shaped Modern Business, New York: Times Books, 2000, 384 pages; Three Rivers Press (also in paperback), 2002.
    • Gabor, Andrea, Einstein’s Wife: Work and Marriage in the Lives of Five Great Twentieth Century Women, New York: Viking, 1995, 368 pages. New York: Penguin (also in paperback), 1996.
    • Gabor, Andrea, The Man Who Discovered Quality: How W. Edwards Deming Brought the Quality Revolution To America, New York: Times Books, 1990, 326 pages; Penguin (also in paperback), 1992.
  2. Papers in Professional Journals:
    • Gabor, Andrea. “Seeing Your Company as a System,” Strategy+Business, Summer 2010.
    • Gabor, Andrea “The Promise (and Perils) of Open Collaboration,” Strategy+Business, Fall 2009.
    • Gabor, Andrea “Lessons for Business Schools” Strategy+Business February, 2008
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Deirdre McCloskey’s Market Path to Virtue,” Strategy+Business, Summer, 2006, p. 114.
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Leadership Principles for Public School Principals,” Strategy+Business, Summer, 2005, p. 66
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Post-capitalism’s Drop-Out Prophet,” Strategy+Business, Fall, 2004, p. 80.
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Delphi Reinvents Corporate Governance,” Strategy+Business, Summer, 2003, p. 86.
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Rochester Focuses: A Community’s Core Competence,” The Harvard Business Review, July-August, 1991, pp.116 – 126.


  3. Chapters in Books: None
  4. Government Reports or Monographs: None
  5. Book Reviews:
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Hard Work and Common Sense,” The Los Angeles Times Book Review, Feb. 8, 1998, p. 5.


  • Gabor, Andrea, “Why Pay Incentives Are Destined to Fail—And How They Could Undermine School Reform…” Education Week, September 20, 2010.
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  • Gabor, Andrea, editor PBS website, Einstein’s Wife, September, 2007
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  • Gabor, Andrea, “Everyday People, Extraordinary Day,” The New York Times, October 31, 2001, p. G1. (COVER STORY, Workplace Section.)
  • Tahminicioglu, Eve and Gabor, Andrea, “A Nation Challenged: The Supervisors; Finding Ways to Reassure Employees,” The New York Times, September 19, 2001, p. C8.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Management: Ford Embraces Six Sigma,” The New York Times, June 13, 2001, p. C6.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Management: Anticipating Welch on Welch in His New Book,” The New York Times, November 29, 2000, p. C1. (COVER STORY, Business Section.)
  • Gabor, Andrea, “He Made America Think About Quality,” Fortune, October 30, 2000, p. 292.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Science et technologie: Les mecanismes adminstratifs au Etats-Unis,” Geopolitique, Sept. 2000, pp. 7-9.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Creating a New Corporation,” U.S. News & World Report, May 8, 2000, p. 42.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “The Man Who Made McKinsey,” Consulting, February/March, 1999, pp. 30-32.</span
  • Gabor, Andrea, “The FDR Memorial: Like Many Revered Monuments, It’s Had to Endure a Hazing.” Smithsonian Magazine (cover story,) May, 1997, pp. 96-106.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Married with Househusband,” Working Woman, November, 1995.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Denise Scott Brown, Architectural Rebel Drawing Fire,” The Philadelphia Enquirer Magazine, Sept. 10, 1995, p. 21. (Cover Story.)
  • Gabor, Andrea, “Send in the A Team,” Executive Female, May- June, 1995, p. 34.
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  • Gabor, Andrea, “Fortune Teller: Edith Wiener,” Lears, December, 1993, p. 64.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “When TQM Falters: What Healthcare Can Learn from Industry,” The Quality Letter for Healthcare Leaders, July-Aug., 1992, pp. 1-9.
  • Gabor, Andrea, “After the Pay Revolution, Job Titles Won’t Matter,” The New York Times, Sunday Business Section, November, May 17, 1992, p. 5.
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  • Gabor, Andrea with Mary Lord in Tokyo, Peter Dworkin in San Francisco, Steve Hawkins in Los Angeles and Jack A Seamonds in Detroit, “What They Don’t Teach You At Business School,” U.S. News & World Report, July 13, 1987, pp. 44-46.
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  • Gabor, Andrea, “Nightmare in Russia…Thinking the Unthinkable: Can it Happen Here?” [Part of Chernobyl Cover Story], U.S News & World Report, May 12, 1986, pp. 22-23.


  • “Introduction to W. Edwards Deming and his Thinking on Management Education,” W. Edwards Deming Memorial Conference –MBA Under Siege: Reimagining Management Education, May 11, 2010, Fordham University, School of Management. Other participants included Michael Jensen, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School; Rakesh Khurana, Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Harvard Business School; Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University; R. Edwards Freeman, Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration, Darden Business School, University of Virginia.
  • Gabor, Andrea and Marta Mooney, “Management Toolkits for User Innovation,” MIT Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization, October 2007
  • “The Capitalist Philosophers,” Lecture at Fordham University, MBA class on management, Feb., 2004.
  • “Covering Private Businesses,” International Seminar at Columbia Univ. School of Journalism for the City Journalistic Excellence Awards, June, 2002.
  • “The first in a series of book talks ‘Business Books by Women Authors.’” Lecture on The Capitalist Philosophers at Fordham University Schools of Business, Center for Management Studies, April, 2002.
  • “The Capitalist Philosophers,” Lecture at Fordham University, MBA class on management, May, 2001.
  • “The Capitalist Philosophers,” Speech before the Central Business District Association, Virginia Beach, April, 2001.
  • “From Mileva Einstein to Maria Goeppert Mayer: Work and Marriage in the Lives Great 20th Century,” Argonne National Labs, July, 1997.
  • “Einstein’s Wife: Work and Marriage in the Lives of Five Great 20th Century Women,” lecture before the National Conference of Women CPA’s, June, 1997.
  • “Einstein’s Wife: Work and Marriage in the Lives of Five Great 20th Century Women,” lecture before the Financial Women’s Association, April, 1997.
  • “Einstein’s Wife: Work and Marriage in the Lives of Five Great 20th Century Women,” lecture before Harvard Business School Women’s Alumni Association, Jan., 1997.
  • “Lee Krasner: Wife and Artist,” Lecture at the Pollock/Krasner House, East Hampton, L.I., July, 1995.
  • “W. Edwards Deming and Total Quality Management,” Lecture at Columbia Univ., Knight Bagehot Fellowship program, fall 1993 and fall 1994.
  • “W. Edwards Deming and Total Quality Management,” Lecture at the Brookings Institution, 1991.


  1. Papers Submitted to Journals for Consideration:
  2. Other Completed Papers:
    • Gabor, Andrea, “Networking the Scientific Management Revolution: How Frederick W. Taylor Built a Vast Constituency.” Revising paper accepted by the Academy of Management at its annual conference in August 2002.
  3. Research in Progress:
    • “Academics as Journalists,” with Dahlia Remler and Don Waisanen.
    • Continuing reporting on NYC’s Innovation Zone, follow-up to first two Gotham Gazette articles
    • Education reform and the influence of major philanthropies such as the Gates and Broad Foundations


  • During 10 years as faculty adviser to Dollars & Sense, the publication has won a Gold or Silver Crown award in the annual competition of student publications conducted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association almost every year. In2010, D&S received the only Gold Crown award in the online magazine category.
  • Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists, recipient, October, 2005.
  • CHOICE Current Reviews of Academic Books (published by the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association) January 1997, Einstein’s Wife cited as one of the “Outstanding Academic Books of 1996.”
  • Business Week, June 29, 1992, The Man Who Discovered Quality received first mention on the Summer Reading List of 1992.
  • Chicago Tribune Best Seller List, The Man Who Discovered Quality, February, 1991.
  • Ralph Nader, Center for the Study of Responsive Law, cited The Man Who Discovered Quality as one of twelve “Books for the 1990s.”

Eugene M. Lang Research Grant, “Networking the Scientific Management Revolution: How Frederick W. Taylor Built a Vast Constituency,” $3,500, May 3, 2002


  1. Service to the Department:
    • Journalism Dept. Executive Committee, spring 2008 to present.
    • Chair, Journalism Dept. committee on news literacy, 2010.
    • Harnisch Committee, Spring 2008 to present.
    • Acting Director, Master’s Program in Business Journalism, September 2006 to September 2007 Business Journalism Faculty Advisor fall, 2000 to 2003.
    • English Department committee on honors and awards, 2002 to present.
    • Organizer, Can “Healthy Food” Make America Healthy? Panel to be moderated by Corby Kummer, The Atlantic. Scheduled for November, 2010.
    • Organized “How to Interview Like an FBI Agent,” Nov. 2, 2009, with Special Agent John Anticev of the FBI and Louis Napoli, NYPD detective.
    • Organized Blogging the 2008 Election, October 2008. Speakers included Morra Aarons, a political blogger for The Huffington Post and; Brandon Brice, a blogger with and a former policy assistant to Congressman J. Dennis Hastert; Heidi Li Feldman, a pro-Clinton blogger, founder of the Denver Group and professor of law and philosophy at Georgetown University; and James Taranto, the editor of The Wall Street Journal’s, author of its popular Best of the Web Today column, and a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board. The moderator will be Michael Cornfield, a political scientist and author who specializes in American politics and the Internet.
    • Organized and moderated conversation with Clark Hoyt, the Public Editor of The New York Times, May, 2008.
    • Organized talk by Susie Gharib, the award-winning New York-based anchor of PBS’ Nightly Business Report”, Feb. 2008.
    • Arranged panel discussion on Pulitzer Prize-winning Ground Zero editorials with the Daily News editorial board, May, 2007.
    • Arranged guest speaker Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist, November 2006.
    • Arranged panel debate on student debt, May, 2005
    • Arranged panel debate on “Sports and the City” about the controversy surrounding Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to build a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan. The following panelists participated: A representative from the Jets; a representative from the City of New York; Bill Humphrey, a leading spots eoconomist from the Univeristy of Maryland; and Anne Michaud, of Crain’s New York.
    • Arranged Reuter-sponsored panel debate on Rebuilding “New York: Lessons from Berlin to Beirut,” May 2002. The following panelists participated: Carl Weisbrod, president of the Downtown Alliance of N.Y.; Denise Scott Brown, noted urban planner and partner in Venturi Scott Brown & Assoc.; Dean Starkman, real estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal; Patrick Rizzo, the New York bureau chief for Reuters.
    • Arranged Reuter Lecture with Reese Schonfeld, former president of CNN, May, 2001.
    • Arranged Reuter Lecture with Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer on “The Bronx is Up,” May, 2000.
    • Organized Panel Debate for April 10, entitled “Pay-for-Performance: Is it Management’s Greatest Motivational Weapon or a Quixotic Panacea?”
    • Arranged Reuter Lecture with Abe Briloff, on “Cooking the Books,” Feb., 24, 2000.
    • Spoke on the coverage of the Abner Louima case in Myron Schwartzman’s Perspectives on the News Class, spring 1999.
    • Spoke together with Josh Mills about American management and U.S. business coverage to international students at Columbia Univ., Nov., 1999.
  2. Service to the School:
    • WSAS Executive Committee, 2006 to 2009.
  3. Service to the College:
    • Moderator, Panel on How to Improve Media Coverage, Baruch Confernece on Media Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector, October 26, 2010. Conference sponsored by SPA in conjunction with the journalism department.
    • College P&B committee, fall 2008 to 2010.
    • Harman Writer-in-Residence Committee, fall 2008-present.
    • Spoke at panel for incoming faculty on publishing, June 2007.
    • WSAS Executive Committee, 2006 to 2009.
    • College Financial Aid Committee, 2001 to 2004.
    • Spoke at the Entrepreneurship Summit on “Drucker to Deming: The 10 Most Important Ideas that Have Shaped American Management,” conference on small business sponsored by the Zicklin School’s Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business, April 28, 2000.
  4. Service to the Graduate Center: None
  5. Service to the University:
    • Represented CUNY on the New York State Board of Education Regents’ Panel to redraft the English Language Arts curriculum for K-12 with special responsibility for determining standards for the uses and content of new media in high school curricula.




  • Organizing “Lessons from Deepwater Horizon: How to Cover Environmental Risk and Potential Disasters in your own back yard,” panel discussion at the Society of Business Editors and Writers annual conference, Dallas, April 2011.
  • Member, Society of American Business Editors and Writers, 2000 to present.
  • Judge, “Best in Business” prizes, Society of Business Editors and Writers, 2008 and 2009.
  • Participating in multi-university effort to develop standards and teaching modules for teaching both numeracy and grammar to journalists, beginning Spring 2009.
  • Knight-Bagehot Fellowship, applicant evaluation committee, 1995 to present.
    1. Courses Taught:
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, From Corn to Caviar, the Science, Economics, Politics and Culture of Food, IDC 4050.
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, Media and Democracy, IDC 4050.
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, Corporate Power: The Evolution and Culture of American Capitalism, IDC 4050.
      • istory of the Business Media and the Companies it Covers, ENG 9502.
      • International Reporting, ENG 9525.
      • Business and Financial Writing, ENG 3200.
      • Journalistic Writing, JRN 3050.
      • Copy Editing, JRN 3100
      • Business Communications, JRN 3150.
      • Topics in Business Journalism: Covering Entrepreneurship, ENG 9560 Independent Study.
      • Perspectives on the News, JRN 2500.
      • Business and Financial Writing, Eng. 9502.
      • Media Ethics and Law, JRN 3220.
    2. New courses/programs developed:
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, From Corn to Caviar, the Science, Economics, Politics and Culture of Food, IDC 4050.
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, Media and Democracy, IDC 4050.
      • History of the Business Media and the Companies it Covers, ENG 9502.
      • International Reporting, ENG 9525.
      • FEIT Seminar, Honors Program, Corporate Power: The Evolution and Culture of American Capitalism, IDC 4050.
      • Topics in Business Journalism: Covering Entrepreneurship, ENG 9560.