Another Snafu At Controversial Bay State Charter

For the second time this month, construction has stopped on the controversial New Heights Charter School in Brockton, MA. Yesterday, the city of Brockton slapped a bright orange “stop work violation” order on the outside of the school’s new location at 1690 Main St. , for lack of adequate permits, according to Enterprise News.

The school already had won a four-day reduction in the school year from the state due to work stoppage at the school’s earlier site at 141 Main St., about 2.5 miles away. For more on the charter and why it has been so controversial see here .

The latest snafu comes just two weeks before the school’s delayed start date of Sept. 6. The school’s website posted the following notice to parents and families:

Dear Parents and Families,
We wanted to provide an update on the circumstances reported in the media yesterday.  We apologize for the manner in which the information was relayed to families. The media reported the situation at the same time that we were being informed. We apologize for the delay, but we wanted to confirm all facts prior to releasing any further information.

Yesterday, building officials issued a stop work order at our 1690 Main Street location. It appears that the contractors needed to submit and/or complete additional paperwork in order to be in compliance with all codes and regulations for the project. We met with the architect and the building owner, and they assure us that they are addressing all issues raised by the building officials. Our goal is to resume the renovation to the site as soon as possible. Once we are allowed to resume work, the contractors will take all necessary steps to ensure that the building will be ready. At this time, we are proceeding with our planned opening date of SEPTEMBER 6th, 2016.  New Heights Charter School of Brockton is excited that we will soon open our doors to students and families.

Please check our website for further updates. We look forward to serving all of you in the very near future.  Thank you for your patience.

Omari Walker

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